lunes, 4 de febrero de 2013

Clever youtubers, part II

Vi's channel showed me the awesomeness, which made me think that I could maybe, just maybe, be good at more than one thing. I always struggle internally thinking that if I invest all my energy and 'talent' in photography I'm giving up on drawing and painting or something, it is more a superstitious feeling than anything else.
El canal de Vi Hart me hizo pensar que tal vez es posible que yo pueda hacer bien más de una cosa. Siempre tengo un conflicto interno, pensando que si invierto toda mi energía y mi "talento" en tomar fotos, voy a dejar de poder dibujar o pintar o lo que sea, pero creo que más que nada es una superstición.

Perdón que no hay una traducción en este post, pero como es acerca de los videos de nuevo y están todos en inglés y sin subtitulos... :/

I originally wrote about Vi Hart on my first post, but she really deserved a post of her own.
She is a self professed mathemusician has a genius youtube channel where she shares via paper, food, drawings (super talented drawings), flowers, music and monologues her theories about math, education, music, life - but mostly math - and I love it.
I chose three of my favorite videos to share, but I strongly suggest that you check out her whole channel, to go there click here

Here are a couple of my favorite videos all the same:

 This is the second part of 3 videos!

This video has a second part!


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